Tuesday, October 27, 2009

...on audacity

the bastard uses links to other websites mostly for humorous purposes.

like case and point, if i wanted to talk about the president, i'd link it to an image that may or may not be presidential.

however, i've been following this website for little over a week, since i signed up for the brammo electric motorcycle company's mailing list like umpety ump years ago. or maybe it was 6 months ago, i forget.

anyway, premise is this, two guys from brammo want to show the country their bike and they feel the best way to do this is to give one to president barry.

personally, i think the best way to make people buy an underpowered albeit beautifully designed bike more practical for the american people is to,

i dunno

make it less than 12 grand to ride.

now to be fair, it's actually more in the neighborhood of 11 grand but for a few hundred bucks more, you can have a comfy seat for it.

which brings the bastard to his point. there is a problem in this country with changing the hearts and minds of the people on the alternative fuels front.

it's expensive.

sure, the bastard wanted to buy a toyota prius, it gets huge mileage but it costs in the neighborhood of 23,000 at it's cheapest. so i bought a cheap asses hatchback that gets half the mileage for almost 10 grand less.

take the notion of eating healthy. you can clip coupons, shop for canned goods, buy meat that's 75% fat because it's on sale, buy cereal that's on sale, and you can die in 20 years from the enormous salt lick that is lodged in your carotid artery after the fact. yes, youc can cut meat out of your diet but, you have to get the protein somewhere. seitan costs money. but, i'm getting off message here.

if you wanna eat healthy, it costs more. if you want to drive an alternative fuel vehicle, it's gonna cost you.

this item is while on the surface, a fantastic idea (who the hell doesn't want to plug your bike into an outlet instead of going to a gas station?) but, it's a luxury item until there are enough people who can afford to buy a 12 thousand dollar electric motorcycle.

i certainly hope that these two guys from brammo actually succeed in getting their bike to barry just because a higher profile might prompt more to buy and then the bastard can look into buying, say, a 5 thousand dollar elctric motorcycle one day.

but today's the day they may be able to pass it off to him. maybe it'll work out. mebbe not

—the bastard

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