Saturday, October 17, 2009

...on currency

sometimes time is a premium.

currency that you have to save like a miser.

and the bastard hasn't had alot of it of late.

we're shipping the issue.

i'm ramping up for the next one.

been trying to get home at a reasonable hour so I can help out with my ladyfriend and the bebe.

days blend one into another.

it's a little sad sometimes.

but here I am drinking a glass which translates "devil" from the french.

got a night out.

to have a drink and bullshit with some friends.

next week my ladyfriend gets the same chance to hang out with her peeps.

she should take that chance.

a very wise friend told me that you have to make your own happy, and the bastard tries for his. I'd like to gave some downtime too.

should be good. chin chin jerks.

—the bastard

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