Monday, November 23, 2009

...on experiments

...or getting the street under your feet

what could be considered quite UNnewsworthy in the bastardverse,

(I just made that up),

I shared a plane with the guy who lost to mike bloomberg.

no i didn't hit him with a bottle.

but it got me to thinking about this bit from batman year one where Bruce Wayne laments not taking the train into Gotham.

said he wanted to take the train.

to be closer to the enemy.

the bastard just figured after spending 4 and a half hours in a ball park frank will bill Thompson, I wanted to get away from crowds and an 8:30 e train sounded like the move.

cheaper too

it didn't hurt the my ladyfriend bet me that I wouldn't get home until ten.

and the bastard is a betting man.

it just sweetened the pot for me

15 minutes later, I'm on the way to Roosevelt ave.

let's see if the MTA can fuck me out of five bucks.

—the bastard

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