Thursday, November 19, 2009

potential hat trick in the making

fresh from the hell is other people file.


perhaps from the hell is traveling with other people file.

I see this fresher faced middle aged lady with her young child (check: hell is other people's children)

and as she meets up with her party, the bastard hears the unrelenting "yapyapyap" thAt shakes the collective unconcious towards conciousness.

we all collectively see one of those yappy toy dogs that we all love SO much in it's designer carrier (check: hell is other people's pets).

so the bastard is waiting for them to be on my flight or better yet in my row.

either way, it's hat trick city. too bad there isn't a place I can pay manhattan prices for a bottle of bourbon for the flight.

oh well.

—the bastard

UPDATE: the dog is on the flight. it's a hat trick. and the yapping ensues at cruising altitude

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