Thursday, December 24, 2009

a christmas carol

quite unlike my brother, i don't particularly enjoy the holidays like i used to.

the gin has dimmed my good memories over time.

i seem to have the good fortune for remembering the bad ones.

even though i am the luckiest bastard on the planet.

it's a personal failing i think.

hell, father christmas is my favorite christmas song.

i dunno what it is.

however, it's different this year as the bastard is a new father again.

i still will be missing four christmases with my son this year.

so it's never not gonna be bittersweet.

the year's accomplishments will never be complete enough.

and i'll always be missing something. but at least this year, the bastard has the love of a good woman and a little smiley faced monkey who always lights up when she sees me.

and it makes the hole a little smaller this year.

and for that, i'm glad.

merry christmas. i hope you all get what you need this year.

—the bastard

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