Friday, December 04, 2009

I'm in the band lindy

so, needless to say

it isn't a good year.

well it depends on how you look at it

the bastard has the love of a good woman,

and a brand new baby girl,

and a job.

but, nothing but lint in the pockets.

so it's sort of a glacial existence.

what's a bastard to do?

yep, you guessed it.

get the band back together.

once upon a time, when I was a younger man, the bastard screamed into a microphone instead of at you.

and thanks to the virus that is facebook, I have reconnected with my bandmates from 1987ish?

the drummer wanted to get the band back together for the hell of it.

it made me think of the song, "common people"

you dance and drink and screw cause there's nothing else to do.

but this is something else to do.

so it'll be great fun i think.

—the bastard

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