Saturday, January 09, 2010


"I'm a lone wolf ligger.

but i ain't no glitter boy".


it's gorgeous out.

cold and fucking gorgeous out.

last night's plan went all pear shaped and the bastard has to make the sojourn to queens today.

there are worse fates.

at least the bastard's got his health.

lungs feel like lead.

I'll get medicated next week. it'll be fine.

then my ladyfriend will be able to sleep at night.

which means the bastard ca. sleep at night.

so untl then, it's me and the F train and the awe inspiring guitar lead of accept's "bound to fail".

why do I love that song so much?

—the bastard


LOSER PAUL said...

Hello! :) and pardon my interuption, but I was just wondering if you or anyone you know, knows of someone who is looking for a "good" husband? If so, then today is their lucky day!

bastard central said...

the bastard will allow this bit of shameless promotion because he is drinking whiskey now