Wednesday, January 13, 2010

...on breathing


with lead in his lungs,

the bastard heads east for a doctor visit in the q borough.

a long nights work to get some drugs for my asthma.

i'm really rethinking this whole long distance relationship with my generl practitioner.

the businessman in me asks where the ROI is in these trips out east by mass transit to get a refill everytime they won't spot me a month of scrip becasuse I haven't been back in three months.

coincidentally the bastard gets three months worth.

so there's no overlap.

I think I need a second opinion.

—the bastard


dirtygirl said...

bastard - I live in the borough of Q and wouldn't go there for medical attention, although just living here does warrant having my head examined...

bastard central said...

well it was the kind of situation in which my croaker had to write me a script and because i's been going to him for years, it was where i went but, i can't go anymore. he's out of network and the coverage here ain't what it was like when you were here

queens is fine, it's the living in manhattan part that makes me think i need my head examined sometimes