Wednesday, January 27, 2010

...on manifest destiny

real time: there's a woman who looks terribly underdressed for 20 degrees in front of me. the bastard questions whether or not he would wear that sort of outfit on this type of night,

in this type of weather.

flashback: "umm, I'm goin' to mom and dad's on Saturday", I shout across 32nd street and lex.

"I won't see you then", the mofo bellows back and them disappears into the nightime cold

I had a thought in the walk back about our conversation about the q borough

and our collective futures.

and always wanting one foot in it.


and it reminded me of a conversation I had that was it's own self fulfilling prophecy.

the nice lady had asked me towards the beginning what would have happened if we had never met and never married.

would I have moved into some neighborhood like gramercy park and lived some other life I never knew I would have had?

and i had always said something to try and postpone the inevitable and that I didn't think like that.

but here i am.

in gramercy park.

living a life I never thought I would.

and I still want to keep one foot in queens.

because it's the only option.

I'll always be there for the bastard

in some way


or form.

is what it is.

but, it's mine.

—the bastard

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