Thursday, February 04, 2010

...on tributes

so, the bastard has this friend that he knew long ago but knows again because of the virus.

he puts out an apb.

asks if anyone is interested in going to the Brooklyn bowl with him yo see the all girl judas priest cover band.

judas priestess.

I pipe up how this would be tempting but. I passed.

flash forward: Sunday night, the bastard walks 23rd street after taking the train and walking east.

I live by this venue.

and the band playing is Lez Zeppelin.

which in my mind could only be a lesbian led zeppelin tribute band.

I mention this to my ladyfriend and she asks if i am going to see them.

I told her I'd pass.

figuring I'd feel out of place.

however that said, the female tribute bands of classic rock standards is a thing the bastard can get behind.

however, I find it hard to picture anyone other than plant screaming, "shake for me girl, i wanna be your back door man".

—the bastard

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