Thursday, March 18, 2010

...on reunions

...and bratwurst.

the bastard used to do things at the eleventh hour.

you wanna go drinking at 11:59?

the bastard was there.

notsomuch these days.

I'm working my ass to death making two magazines,

going to offsites,

trying to be a decent father,

tryig to be a decent spouse.

so I have been a planner.

not really so much as living with a planner and trying to do right by her.

which is why I haven't seen the chairman since vegas.

it doesn't help that schedules collide either.

except for one day when we high fiver each other going the opposite way of each other om the bqe.

which counts as hanging out by the way.

and quite like how it used to be, it was good times.

it didn't hurt that there was venison sausage to be had at this beer hall.

—the bastard

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