Friday, April 02, 2010

...on trappings

...and traps

I've come to the realization that I do the bulk of this on the weekends now.

it seems that the trappings of a 10 minute commute have put me in a bind.

the bastard doesn't want to be one of those jackasses on the streets checking his iPhone as he walks

although somerimeshe is after he lulls over to the side or the walk (get it!! ahhhh shaddup)

so the only time I can throw this down is when I ride the rails

and talk about riding the rails.

it's kind of lame but this is my life now.

it doesn't help that I ain't feeling it these days.

being a boss is it's own trap.

you see,

I have some in office trouble I'm dealing with.

and it wears me out.

and the source of this is counting on my crap attention span.

and I just can't let it continue.

I have to keep my house quiet.

this is what it is.

—the bastard

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