Wednesday, May 19, 2010

how the bastard learned to recharge his batteries...

...special get your groove back edition

the bastard has spoken with you about the travelling he's been doing of late and how it hasn't exactly been howyousay...


anyways, it was sucking the life out of me. the second trip which was supposed to generate new ideas did in fact do that at the expense of my sanity.

the bastard was burnt out.

enter my old high school.

about a year or two ago, my mother, who still works at the old school (get it?!? old school. ehhhh, shaddup) had asked for a department head if i was interested in being an industry adviser to their graphic design program.

at the time, i had nothing better to do, so i said yes. but, it also fed into my axe to grind against the educational system.

QUICK SIDEBAR: the bastard has an axe to grind over his education. for years, i had stewed about my difficulties with finding work after college and it turned into a white hot ball of rage about how i had essentially graduated college with already outdated skills and NO MEANS of finding work in my field. it didn't help that the graphic design teacher was a former photography professor wjo saw the handwriting on the wall and that handwriting was digital. that said, while i was way too shiftless and drunk in college to ask for that kind of help, i found that over time, the establishment of my college's art department wasn't particularly adept or willing to pass this knowledge along to students. i'd chock it up to my own lazyness if i didn't know more people in varied majhors who had gotten the same shoit show in college as well. while it helps to be ambitious, not everyone gets out of bed that way and perhaps a leg up from some otherwise apathetic professor who is using the queens college art department as a fucking benefits job and telling students in their own paiting classes to keep on being shiftless because at least YOU won't be competing with me for work. way to inspire cynthia and yes, i am calling you out.

but i digress,

as the industry adviser, i was required to proctor a graphic design exam over the weekend and maybe it was the fact that these kids were totally rough hewn, or perhaps, it was a new venue to think and talk about about the nature of design, or the fact that one of these kids asked me if i was interested in becoming a teacher one day (that felt kind of nice though)


it made the bastard feel like a new man.

no more mondays sitting at my desk begging the coffee to make the ideas come out.

i just felt much better about what i was doing. and i have a bunch of 17 year olds to thank for it. now all i gotta do is mail the damn exams back to the school.

—the bastard

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