Friday, May 14, 2010

it is time…

…for stormy weather

and his has nothing to do with me gettng married in three weeks.

anyway, the bastard is on his way out for the weekly hump to get the car when he decides to check the weather and it says


that said,

I'm going back to my old high school tomorrow morning to proctor a graphic design test.

it really goes back to one of my bigger bitches about my education.

you see,

I never learned how to find a job in school,

and it really bugs me to this day while looking down from the fucking heap I stand on top of.

things may have been different if I knew.

maybe not.

who cares, you can't be living in the past or multiple realities for that matter.

but the bastard can change the future.

not for me but for some other jackass.

but more importantly, I scored a seat on an air conditioned F train and I'm fulla whiskey.

props to me.

—the bastard

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