Wednesday, June 02, 2010

the bastard's 7 steps for a completely fulfilling life

step 1: get divorced.

step 2: have your son move 2500 miles west of you.

step 3: put yourself into massive debt so that you can only really see him for only two months a year more or less.

step 4: get told by your boss that you can no longer bring your son who you only see 2 months a year and have put yourself into massive debt in order to have a relationship with.

step 5: seeth. do this alot.

step 6: die a little bit inside every day until you can't take anymore.

that's all

oh wait, i forgot

step 7: feel completely impotent to do anything about it. that's an important step.

you see, normally, i never want to complain about work but, it's not been a good ride this year. and this is just the trappings of it come home to roost. normally, i'd take my own piece of free advice and not end up like that person at glamour who got shitcanned for writing about their job but, i sort of don't care today because, every day i feel like i'm going to wake up and my son will be a stranger to me and it scares me to death.

so maybe the dole might be a little bit better today.

—the bastard


Rob S. said...

Oh, hell man. That sucks. REALLY sucks.

Tell the little man I say hi.

bastard central said...

is what it is rob. I'll pass the word along