Saturday, June 19, 2010

…on barflys

free time.

that shit's a precious commodity these days.

so when the bastard gets some,

he revels in it.




I got myself some summer friday yesterday and I decided to enjoy it some.

yeah, the bastard COULD have gone straight home to releive the nanny (yes, we have a nanny, wanna fight about it?) but, I wanted a beer and a burger.

so the happy medium is going to the bee.

it's close by

it has burgers

it has beer

and it's the middle of the day.

so much to me surprise the bar was crowded.

with kids

watching the world cup.

what the hell!

so, the bastard has his beer

and his burger.

somewhere else near the bar.

and england tied algeria.

and it was good.

—the bastard

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