Saturday, July 31, 2010

last night queens went to Brooklyn…

…and queens wrecked the joint

if queens had an advocate for her,

and if she really wanted one,

dean thrilla would be her man.

the bastard goes to shows once in a while,

but dean is the show. whenever I see his group he brings queens with him.

and the bastard isn't just talking about it in the spiritual sense

or the fact that he has a tattoo on his arm that says made in queens

but when his band plays, queens comes to him.

and that's what we did at the trash bar last night.

guys from the q borough came from as far as san francisco to see him.

well, he was visiting his mom in riverhead this week but, he did come from riverhead and that's like covering two coasts in one week just to go to Williamsburg.

he had joked after parking his ride that this wasn't his father's williamsburg but, the mayhem that followed made this into his father's Williamsburg for a couple hours

while spindly lady boys looked on from the sidelines.

it's nice to able to bring your house with you from place to place. i wonder if queens came to japan to tour with them last month.

—the bastard

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