Friday, July 23, 2010

the least wonderful time of the year

press pause…

…and the bastard is having the time of my life.

running around with the boy.

enjoying the whole new family dynamic.

loving life.

I never say loving life.

and it's been a great summer personally.

but like the trustie said to me this week,

"all good times come to an end"

and he's right

…press play

the gate backs away.

the truck pulls the plane back and I whisper one last goodbye to my son.

and it tears me up inside.

I don't know how the other parents who's kids are flying solo tonight are feeling but,

the bastard is torn up.

this never gets easier.

but it was a good summer.

now it's back to dealing with the rest of what my life is when the boy isn't here

I have the love of a good woman and that's good.

and a little girl who smiles at me when I come home and that's good too.

and a hole in my heart that is only full for two months a year.

but it's gonna be alright someday.

…press stop

—the bastard

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