Saturday, September 11, 2010

…on the beast

so the bastard has come into some robots.

this is through an ongoing job I'm doing for the builder.

which reminds him, I have to learn more about web.

I've never been much of a reader. I've been more of a doer. it's a terrible personal failing I know so I may very well just get a damn book anyway.

but I digress.

I came across these models from the builder and he threw in the latest model as a bonus. it's called real grade.

it's 1/144 sized, which makes it approximately 6 inches tall at completion but it has more parts than most 12 inch master grades.

it is supposed to be representative of a realistic robot in the gundam ethos but I think it was essentially designed my a crew of sadists over at whatever company designs gundam models.

sadists! no one with hands like mine needs to be building something so small and so intricate.

three hours across two evenings to build two feet and part of a leg.

8 more to finish both legs and the torso.

alternating plates of white and off white for added realism.

it's awful.

but it's fun.

and so I'm a masochist.

oh well,

sure beats a sharp stick in the eye.

—the bastard

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