Thursday, September 02, 2010

…on tourism

last Friday the bastard took a day off.

and he got a factory recall handled on his ride

the kind that could have blown his car up.

but that ain't why I took the day off.

the wife wanted us to take bebe to the central park zoo but, I got back way too late for that.

and besides, an 11 month old can't really dig on the polar bears as much as a baby.

so we went to the high line instead.

now the bastard can say this about the high line:

1: it's really more of an art installation than a park. it's built on old elevated train tracks and it's filled with little installation pieces that'd make mass MoCA jealous.

2: white people REALLY like the high line. and I can say this as a white person who likes it. however, while the bastard likes the high line, he doesn't like ray ban wayfarers like the other white people who were at the high line that day.

3: the high line is designed for people to see and be seen as it has lots of artsy (read: beautifully designed) park benches for people to read atlas shrugged or eat, pray, love on. there are also big lounges built into the high line so that the womenfolk who do not wear ray ban wayfarers can wear larger sunglasses and look fabulous.

4: Europeans find me as a stroller pushing father, as lame as the bastard finds them.

5: there is expensive trendy ice cream for sale on the high line for white people to spent cookie amounts of money on. I instead bought overpriced gelato at Chelsea market instead because I am a pompous jackass.

6: it is currently a great place to take pictures of the meat packing district for your sex in the city scrapbook.

so there you have it. check it out before the down economy renders it back to it's former state as abandoned elevated tracks. come on white peoples, you know you want to.

—the bastard

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