Friday, October 22, 2010

guess what?

the bastard still reads.

you on the other hand, still suck at life.

being a car thief ain't easy you know.

it's time consuming to steal shit and make it work for you.

so sometimes you gotta work with johnny law and buy things once in a great while.

it's like this. the bastard has been reading comics on my phone.

and the app I've been using to read them keeps crashing. so I've decided to stop reading jpg comics on my phone.

so I decided to pony up the 12.99 to read zero history by William Gibson.

I like gibson. his style of writing grabs me quickly and makes me care about what he's writing about. he caters to the futurist in me.

also, I try not to read anything my dad reads. and it's not that I don't share his interests. I just hate borrowing stuff. besides, the last time I borrowed a book from him, it decayed in my hands as I read it from 38 years of smoke damage.

that said, I won't tell you how the book ends ( get it?!?! BOOKENDS?!? ahhhhhh go to hell) the bastard just wanted to tell you bow much you suck.

—the bastard

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