Friday, October 01, 2010

...the hitch

memories aren't what they used to be you know.

you think real hard and they never ever show up.

then when you least expect them to, they hit you right in the face.

you see,

an old friend of mine's mother passed away the other day.

we all found out by the good graces of the book of faces.

and all the bastard could think of was an expression of sorrow for his loss.

another friend remembered a time he sat next to her at his wife's college graduation.

and I still couldn't remember things.

I knew this woman. I've been to their house many times. I used to fix his dad's computer after he moved west.

this morning, I ask his wife for the info, so I could pay my respects. so other could pay their respects.

we ain't known each other since small times but we have alot of time between us. it ain't a shot show unless I see them.

and when I sent the note I remembered the night she picked me up for a concert because he was running late. .

I don't even know who was playing.

this was the first I had met any member of his family save his brother who helped get a full gas grill to Cunningham park in a dodge omni

bit I know we had to go to Astoria to get a buddy of ours after.

and she was stern.

a strong talker. a strong woman.

not like the last time I saw her when she wasn't so strong anymore.

and it just makes me think how frail it all is because,

all this stuff we accumulate between our ears over a lifetime just goes away one day.

and it saddens me.

—the bastard

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