Saturday, October 09, 2010

…on cons…

…and comics

this just in.

there's a giant gundam in manhattan.

and little goth girls attacking giant monsters

and comics about ayn rand. yeah you guessed it jerks.

the bastard went to the comic convention. my friend, the builder, invited me to hang out at the show where I saw many things.

for one, too many adults are wearing headbands from naruto for my taste. and there were many disheveled super heroes to be found.

way too many of them.

and left hand rob was there.

and the tin man

and the scarecrow.

and alot of women in thigh highs and latex.

you see

I'm used to going to gun shows and the only people in costume there are wearing camouflage anyway.

so this was something new.

—the bastard

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Rob S. said...

It was great to see ya, man!