Thursday, November 11, 2010

leg two…

…electric boogaloo

much to the bastard's delight, the connecting flight to Tucson put me at a window seat who's windows I promptly closed.

this added up to a delightful nap until we were up in the air.

however, the bastard's peaceful repast was interrupted by the elbows of a man who reminded me of Robert loggia and john locke's love child.

and his elbowing was the passive aggressive variety.

the only respite being when he would lean in to make out with his nightmare hippy trophy wife.

I mean what the hell?!

who wears thick wool socks with a skirt?!?



anyways, I decided to go on walkabout before resuming my cartoons.

I'm sure more elbow fun awaits me' back in my chair.

—the bastard

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