Sunday, November 28, 2010

way back machine

so, the bastard stopped by the chairman's place to pick up my ladder.

that way the bastard's winter collection can be accessed when I get to the garage.

upon leaving I came across some wheat paste induced time travel or perhaps someone's Kerry/edwards leftovers.

the sign reads:

kill more
steal more
bless dumber

now the bastard doesn't want to disrupt the hipster dynamic or anything with any of his old man talk but,

perhaps we can move on from here. we're a couple years in now. oddly enough this is pasted to a construction site that has only ceased dormancy recently with graffiti declaring that "Obama is going to change everything".

the juxtaposition is interesting.

—the bastard


TW said...

No one should let it go. Its why we are hear. And writing a book full of revisionist history doesn't change the fact that supply side tax cuts don't work, unless you are filthy rich, that is.

bastard central said...

yeah, 'm going to go drink whiskey now and watch the x-files. i hope the smoking man in in this one.

this doesn't change how the  keynsian economic policies of the current administration have improved things and how a pasted up picture of last year's (excuse me, two years ago's) whipping boy makes any sense to the short attention spans of williamsburg hipsters.

the fact of the matter is this  keynsian economic model is similar to the model the japanese used and remained in said recession for quite some time because spending your way out of trouble doesn't help either.

it was just the other day that both the wicked witch of berkeley and the left's best dan quayle impersonator stated how unemployment checks are what will stimulate the economy.

the fact of the matter is, while dub is part and parcel to the problem, this economy started going south in march of 2000 before dub was a candidate. while bill was lying to us about an imagined (lied) surplus.

by the by, redemption rye is a fantastic whiskey, if i could design a seal of approval at this hour, i would but i can't. too bad.