Saturday, January 15, 2011


…and so it ends.

…and so it begins anew.

the show that is shot is always preceeded by the rough birth of 300 plus pages.

it's usually 200 plus.

but what rough beast shuffles to life made of the stuff of printouts and press releases and sweat and frustration slumbering slowly towards the city of sin?

it's me bitches.

oh and that frikkin convention daily that the bastard is so goddam proud of bring a part of.

and make no mistake I AM proud to be a part of this hot mess we throw down.

but here we are.

the royal we… not you.

riding the train for one day of driving before we take the plunge and shuffle slowly towards las Vegas to do it again.

day after day, I get up and say I'm gonna do it again.

do it again. up yours ray davies.

—the bastard

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