Saturday, January 15, 2011


you know,

it used to be the interesting work that gets the bastard out of bed in the morning.

then it was the people.

but sometimes it's the swag.

and in this case, the most inneresting variety.


has the bastard ever told you about the time he found out exactly how lowbrow his tastes in fact are.

you see, the powers that be decided to have a bourbon tasting for killing stuff

because the people like they whiskey.

it ain't all budweiser out their in the field my son.

but this was a blind taste test.

9 whiskeys

8 bourbons (not all cheap ones either) and a Mickey slipped in to fuck with the cross section.

oddly enough, the bastard chose the Mickey. which was jack Daniels oddly enough.

which calls either my tastes to the carpet or it calls the nature of trying 9 different whiskies in one sittings and trying to be able to discern what is what by your fourth taste.

I think it's a little of column A and a little bit of column B.

but in retrospect, it's what I got out of bed yesterday morning.

come on,

you can't have the love every day

—the bastard

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