Saturday, January 15, 2011


the bastard didn't want to comment on the business that took place in my son's hometown last week.

as it upset him.

but one week in.

and on the eve of heading to one of the largest firearms events in the country tomorrow I had to utter a peep about it.

the first thing I did was make sure my son who had met the congresswoman at two separate events in 2010.

congresswoman Gifford was really accessible like that.

the second thing I did was look to see what my most myopic friends on the book of face had to say.

because I pretty much knew I was going to read.

make no mistake.

the bastard fucking knew already.

and said myopics did not disappoint.

that is to say that they in fact lived up to my expectations and said disappointing things.

and I left it like that. you can't tell a person who is full of hate of differing viewpoints and convinced of their own righteousness from their coastal ivory towers that they just don't fucking know.

and I don't know much. but I knew this.

but in light of the ideas being floated by congress in the wake of this bad business I can tell you this.

laws are for people who obey laws.

now I'm gonna pack my shit and get on a plane.

—the bastard

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