Tuesday, January 25, 2011

tragic or magic

quite frankly, the bastard doesn't get it.

when did the disconnect happen?

at what pout did it become socially acceptable to dress like a well pressed hobo when you get on a plane?

take this person here all rockin some ugly looking nikes with argyle socks and her 1980's adidas nylon track pants.

she's got a little bit of the captain in her too.

what the hell?!

is it tragic?

or is it magic?

or is it symptomatic of a greater problem in today's flight culture?

I wonder if we've just gotten lazy as a culture or perhaps this has been a colossal passive aggressive statement on the decline of the luxuriousness of air travel.

I could ponder this or let the 4 fingers of bakers do it's work.

hrm. the bastard chooses the latter.

—the bastard


Jordan said...
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bastard central said...

up yours jerkpiece