Sunday, February 13, 2011



today was a better use of our time.

hell this weekend was a better use of the bastard's time.

after last weak's awfulness came a tense number discussion between my ladyfriend of mine.

this lead to some stress as to where we're gonna land.

but after expanding our search to other hood this weekend, our stress has been eased.

it didn't hurt that we saw a building is Astoria that was surrounded by what the bastard could only describe as "too much queens" for my wife


it didn't hurt that we read about the shit daycare options in greenpoint (sorry Brooklyn, you ain't got it all).

that said, we look with a more narrow eye and hope for the best in the lands we have been betting on from the get (well the plural is because the bastard always bets on mote than one horse in a race).

so we will see.

—the bastard

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