Friday, March 11, 2011


photo by Yuko_t

the bastard woke up this morning to news of the quake and subsequent tsunami I. japan and I was of course concerned.

I made sure to check in with the people I know who are there and the people in my life who have family there and fortunately they are all right ( however, I'm still waiting on my friend in osaka) and that was a relief.

but what struck me was the tsunami.

the meteorological map of the sheer enormity of a wave that covers a hemisphere…

that hit japan with 13 foot waves last night…

that hit Hawaii with 6 foot waves at 11am…

that hit San Francisco at 11:15 am…

and traveled until there was nowhere else left to go.

it was like the analogy of dropping a pebble in a pool and watching the ripples travel until they lose momentum.

except it's more like a jove's fist and the appropriate end result.

it is both amazing and horrifying at once.

I thought about this conversation I had with a friend or relative,

I don't recall as I may have been tired or drunk or both.

but there is a large chunk of the canary islands that sticks out in the ocean like a great cantilever that if it dropped into the ocean.

not if, but when actually.

if it dropped in, it would send 8 foot waves straight to new york.

and it shook me to the core for a moment.

—the bastard

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