Saturday, April 09, 2011

get in the van…

…in which our hero raises his own bar on street meat

ok, here's the situation,

may parents went away for a weeks vacation.

but I digress. the bastard has gotten into paying attention to food again.

mobile food.

street meat.

part one, piqued: this comes from checking out no reservations after it had gotten popular.

the bastard didn't like it first time around. it seemed too forced and I though the "a cooks tour" show that food network dropped was a littler more sentimental at the time.

and at the time, the bastard wanted sentimental, not forced lou reed of the food set stuff.

but these days, I was looking for something else in this age of crap economics and lack of vacation fun.

and bourdain spoke much about street food.

part two, the seed: there's this guy I went to junior high school who I'm friends with on foursquare.

he kept checking in at this truck called korilla BBQ.

at the time, I had been going to the wafel truck and have been loving it. but I needed to see about this korilla truck.

Korean BBQ.


Korean BBQ burritos my friend.

picture this. Korean BBQ pork on a wrap with

bacon kimchi fried rice

with veg, cheese, sauce.

and that's your burrito.

part three, opportunity: another old friend of mine from small times was working in manhattan this week. Sherman. and he did some time on the Korean peninsula. and he has three kids to show for it.

we were looking to meet up anyways so I suggested the korilla truck so we could at least chat while online.

hashed out some smalltalk while waiting on a line that ran around the corner on park and 24th until it was our time to get our repast… the porkinator.

it was glorious.

so much so, I burst into my editor in chief's office over it.

we haven't had big talks of late but he was there so he looks up mildly curious and inconvenienced and asks what's up.

"totally unrelated to the book, I just had the greatest burrito ever".

now he cracked a smile because he was on board with this.

and I told him of my lunch.

and apparently, he's a big fan of kimchi.

asked me to let him know if I was going next Friday and to hit him up for it.

hell, not a bad way to kick off the weekend.

—the bastard

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