Sunday, April 17, 2011

i get along

last night it rained like the hammers of hell out.

and it made for a cabin feverish saturday

today was much nicer

went out to find out that the strand only buys back books on every day BUT Sunday.

the wife makes the nice suggestion that we drop them during the week when it's nice out.

you see, it was a hahd winter so, the presence of sunlight and heatwaves in the 50's have inspired us to wolf down our dinners and out the bebe in a stroller and look across the river at our future.

which brings me to the other side of the river.

went to the build today to measure the closets.

the wife wants to have a California closet style closet only without the $10,000 price tag.

and much to the bastard's surprise, we have a refrigerator.

we've been in the special bonus 3 month long closing process that was Taylor made for my tolerance level and we haven't had a fridge in the model we're buying until today.

or Wednesday

or whenever the hell they got the damn delivery.

it makes everything a little more real.

the kind of real I can come to like.

not like that "fake" real I wake up with in the middle of the night when the voices come.

—the bastard

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