Monday, May 02, 2011

…on closure

I remember that I should have been home that day and I wasn't

I remember that when I did get home everything around me smelled like burning airplane gas.

I remember that it smelled like that for days and I was in queens.

I remember that I got a cup of coffee with jay zee after parking the car near church street and I took a wrong turn and there it was. still on fire three months later.

I remember taking my relatives from Texas down there the following summer and telling them about that cup of coffee and a lack of understanding being in their eyes.

I remember that because of him and his plans, sidney's father is dead and while they moved on, it doesn't change the fact that sidney's dad will never see her grow up.

and 40 minutes of black ops that ended in a tap tap will never change the fact that I remember these things.

and maybe one day old age will take these things from my head.

but I hope not.

—the bastard

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