Wednesday, June 15, 2011

nothing is easy…

…but nothing is gonna stop me from trying to make it easier

the bastard thinks that he become affected.

is it an age thing?

I don't know. but the last year was challenging and I've come out of a bad bit of business relatively intact.

got to keep my job.

got a new lease on my career.

got a new place.

and yet, I can't seem to unwind anymore.

it's better but, often I find myself still waiting for the other shoe to drop.

I'm now the same as a coworker who had told me that they haven't been comfortable since the great cull of three years back.

it's a long time to sweat it but, here I am, waiting for it.

every night, I sit out on the balcony now enjoying the night air like shit is gonna go all pear shaped tomorrow and it ain't healthy.

but for now, I'm feeling comfy in my comfy chair, drinkin a beer and watching the river.

waiting for the other shoe.

—the bastard

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