Tuesday, June 21, 2011

there is something inherently wrong…

…with vegan jerky

i mean seriously.

jerky is supposed to be made of meat.

not… um… vegan… stuff

unless of course it's made of real vegans

in whichcase, someone at my store is getting arrested.

this is the sort of thing that only an affluent society could spawn.

vegan fair that maybe looks and maybe tastes like the food they foreswear for ethical reasons.

hell… these ethical reasons wouldn't exist if there wasn't enough to eat in this country.

in the northwest territory, they eat raw freshly killed seal because that's what's for dinner up there.

there is no disaffected teenage Inuit saying, "ah hay ma. I don't eat seal. that shit is unethical and cruel to the seal."

you know why, because there is no fucking vegan seal substitute.

that said, if you wanna be an ethical vegan, the bastard can direct you to a dosa shoppe. but if you are going to buy vegan meat substitutes, you're fooling yourself.

meat meat meat meat meat meat MEAT.

that is all

—the bastard

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