Sunday, June 05, 2011

you know… I take that back

enough with the maudlin.

this afternoon, the boy and I were headed to the park to hang out.

since he got here, I wanted him to get the chance to play with kids and we've had no luck.

and by no luck, the bastard means that mouthy hard luck kids have been coming down from rougher parts of town to get all 'street' with my wide eyed son from the southwest and he comes away wondering why they assholes.

anyway, we're crossing the street and I see the waffle truck.


I ran, not walked to the truck and the boy had no clue what just came over his old man as he said, 'boy, you don't understand. it's the mother effin WAFFLE TRUCK'

so I split a waffle with him and a hot chocolate and we ate it at a table by the gantries.

and that was my birthday present to myself. because it was the first time I had waffle truck with the boy. and it was the first time the boy had real Belgianesque hot chocolate.

and that was pretty special to me.

so whadda ya want. more whining? I van only muster up so much. go to sleep now jerks

—the bastard

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