Friday, October 07, 2011

…leveling out

so it's been twice that the bastard has been out for a pint with the new crew.

which tells a bastard that he has become considerably less annoying than he thought

getting old blinds one to this otherwise obvious observation. almost as much as being young blinds one to this observation.

so I count it as a win of sorts.

so, we went to the knife for a pint and mystery science was there with some co's and was expecting more.

and the way he introduced me to his crew was someone I've known for a long long time.

which was kind of flattering in a way as his old friends from small times seem to go way way back and I've only know. the bloke for 5 years really up close but he counts me as an old friend anyway.

this is nice to know.

you see, the bastard has had a crisis of faith since some folks have left the fold. it's nice to have folks to chat to.

—the bastard

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