Saturday, October 29, 2011

shuttle bus of smells

flying on a budget is hell the bastard tells you.


three trains to the airport?


flight from jfk to Boston?

by the numbers

connecting flight from Boston to Phoenix?

well let's just say that Logan international needs to get its shit together. and it's fucking hard to sleep on a plane when someone else's kid has the fucking night terrors on the plane.



has the bastard told you that hell is other people's kids?

except mine. my kids are frikkin SAINTS.

it's true. ask my kids.

but now we're in the desert and now I'm in this van that smells like sweat and tobacco and sadness.

you wanna know what the down economy smells like?

it's this van. and it comes with a goddam trailer too.

I'm the only jackass in this tin can but my suitcase has to ride in the trailer along with the meth lab.

good times.


GREAT times.

— the bastard

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