Friday, November 18, 2011

…the bridge

the bastard lives very close to the planet of Brooklyn.

so close, that corrupt eurotrash vacation rental websites call this place hunters point, Brooklyn.

those poor goddam Norwegians will never know that the soil they renting for the weekend is from that of the thourough borough.

its so close that there's a goddam bridge I can take to go to Brooklyn.

so I did.

in fact it's so close, they should call it greenpoint, queens.

except real estate developers wouldn't be able to get the good price for new apartments.

and hipsters would have to compete with strollers as well.

you see.

we has some children up in this piece.


I went across the bridge to see the greenpoint.

had a good sammich served to me by a woman wearing very unfortunate pants.

and I saw a homeless man stripping the insulation off of copper wires.

then I went home and took a nap.


we're you expecting the frikkin odyssey?


it was actually a cyclops stripping the wire.

now go die

—the bastard

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