Thursday, November 03, 2011

knights of the rails part4

"stick to your guns" is what the bastard decided on the Tarmac at 4:55 this morning

travel on a budget ain't easy

and it ain't gonna get any easier with a crappily made cheese steak being washed down with decent whiskey.

but no one said the bastard wanted it easy.

east is for people who are ready to drop 40 bucks to sit on the van wyck with a crappily made cheesesteak washed down with decent whiskey.

way I see it, I'm gonna feel I'll either way and if I hit all my marks, I'm only gonna lose 20 minutes of my life.

and I get some cardio out of it.

who am I kidding, I'd rather be sleeping in a cab on the van wyck but a man's gotta stick to his guns.

—the bastard

song track: the mob rules

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