Wednesday, November 02, 2011

…on quick service

the bastard is an impatient man.

so when he arrived at the flying bar's counter and found no one there, he was mad.

I mean, I wanted a meal.

some whiskey.

some more whiskey.

and maybe some dinner.

so I got all on the twitter:

"it's 6:30 pm @flyingbar do you know where the hell your staff is @ Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX)"

5 minutes later twitter says to the bastard:

@thebastard Sorry for the wait. The JetBlue ticket counter at PHX opens at 6:45 pm. Somebody should be there very soon!

while I was impressed at the quick response, the bastard was also weirded out.

stupid secrete police.

be less secrete

—the bastard

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