Friday, January 13, 2012

…on good neighbor policies

so we used to run this place like a hotel.

a service rented like 4 apartments that hadn't sold yet as air bnb short term rentals.

this stopped shortly after 15 washed up sorority girls rented the two bedroom on the 10th floor and proceeded to get drunk and shout at 3am.

now three units on the fourth floor are going to house the cast of 'the next food network star'

and the food network promises that their peeps with stay the hell quiet.

the bastard ain't holding his breath.

cause chefs like to enjoy theyselves.

and I?

I like thinking about hitting assholes in the grill with lead pipes.

so at least we'll have stuff to talk about at some point.

and may the best chef win… er… not get hit in the grill with a lead pipe

—the bastard

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