Sunday, January 15, 2012

…on tawkin

click click. out the bathroom.

head hurts so the bastard goes to the stewardess…er…bald guy who is my flight attendant

"oh it's you again", he says. I figger it's his way of being charming.

"yeah… I'm back".

"what can I get you?"

"a cup of coffee and a water?"

"uh cuppa caufee an uh waddah"

well here's the impasse.

it's kind of offensive as I find everyone's best new Yorker impersonation actually sucks cock but the man did move me to a window seat, and this airline provides me with all the free drinkers I want.

besides, my boss is from southham and I'm sure he's gonna crack me in the jaw if I say, "innit" one too many times.

then again, we talk about chavs all the time so I guess it's okay provided I don't take it the wrong way when he takes the piss outta me on the regular.

that's a story of its own.

today's vocabulary word is "clipping"

—the bastard

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