Thursday, May 24, 2012

...on grousing

the bastard has a bone to pick with new york media...

you see, he spends alot of time with gothamist...

it's sort of replaced ny1 for him as he isn't shelling out anytime soon for time warner cable

and recently there was a piece on whether or not people from the outer boroughs refer to manhattan as "the city" which found that 88 percent surveyed said that they in fact do.

the bastard does not.

the piece sighted that some "refuse to submit to the soft bigotry of Manhattan exceptionalism, and have never hesitated to correct anyone who insults New York City's other four boroughs by mislabeling that arrogant little overpriced island across from New Jersey as 'the city.' "

i don't think that hard on it as i refer to manhattan as "manhattan" because this city has 5 boroughs. plain. simple. my wife feels otherwise, raised in staten island, the forgotten borough which seems to have more of an inferiority complex than queens and jersey combined since pretty much anyone i know from ess aye refers to manhattan as the city.

so i don't try to change hearts and minds on the matter but it never stops me from correcting folks in conversation. and i let it go.

until of course the occasional "these are the best places to get food, drink, coffee" piece comes up.

yesterday, gothamist ran a piece on the 6 best places to get weak assed iced coffee beverages in new york and it seems by and large that there are only two boroughs in this city for these sort of pieces manhattan and brooklyn.

the dumb thing is...

i don't even look at iced coffee as my go to beverage in the heat. i just suck it up and drink coffee.

however, when it's crotch pot cooking hot out, i go to sweetleaf for my iced coffee. their rocket fuel has all of the gothamist mentioned places beat hands down.

this reminded me of a quote that former mayor ed koch had said about how brooklyn and queens is a series of cemeteries new yorkers drive through on their way to the hamptons.

that said, the bastard decided to make some changes to our cities map to reflect my disdain for this.

so as a citizen of westernmost part of the borough of "here be monsters" i enjoy my view of this cities two sole boroughs.


—the bastard

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