Saturday, July 21, 2012

…on the discovery process

"you can send me to hell but I'll never let go of your hand."

–tom waits

so the bastard has been going to get his knee worked on just do he could plod his way back to functionality.

and he has made an interesting discovery.

old injuries come back to fuck you up.

THEN: in 19 diggity 9, the bastard was out horseback riding with the club.

I wasn't in the club. it it was called a club ride.

you go out for two hours and run around the park and scare the shit out of joggers and mountain bikers alike.

and a good time is had by all.

I was riding on a 38 year old Tennessee walker called tango and to ride tango was like riding through the park on the back of a fast moving couch.

best ride you'll ever get… ever.

but tango was a wise old trail zombie and while we ran (the old fucks from the club LOVED to run their beasts into the ground and smoke cigarettes), we were coming up to a clearing do I pulled the reigns on tango to slow his down.

he took the bit into his teeth and dropped his head to show me who's boss.

I started sawing the bit as I was taught to as I was slipping on my saddle to the left.

so with a big tug and a flex from my right hip, I pulled myself back on.

and then a felt a pop like I just cracked a huge knuckle.

that morning, the bastard limped home and it got better and sometimes when it's a special kind of humid, my hip tells me stories about how he bailed my ass out in diggity 9.

NOW: almost three months into a knee injury I never wanted from ironically enough I fostered by exercise, the bastard is doing this exercise that involves me doing squats on one leg and then switching to the other

"I think I'm starting to see something that might be the source of your problems", said doctor smith of the middle east

"me too", I replied

"it seems that you're weaker on your right side"

"I see as well. you see I had this experience in which I had to prevent myself from falling off of a galloping horse. it felt like I cracked a big knuckle in my hip"

"you might have damaged a tendon. and you may have been compensating for it. and it may have paid dividends on your left knee"

"doc, that was over 13 years ago"

"stranger things have happened"

shit. 13 year old near riding accident comes back to wreck knee.

details at eleven.

—the bastard

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