Monday, July 16, 2012


there was a bit of a ruckus the other night upon returning from the chairman's den of iniquity.

can you describe the ruckus?

why yes.

the ruckus was the last 10 minutes of the beer bar's cask beer fest… the PM shift.

I wasn't worried about this as they legally can't have anyone out back past 10pm…

and it was 10 minutes to 10…

and I was already drunk.

so I let my wife do the heavy lifting on that knowing full well that she would get the empowerment that comes with calling 10 minutes before the beer bar fulfills it's legal obligations to the neighborhood.

but the wasn't the ruckus.

the ruckus came 40 minutes later when the people who paid upwards of 120 dollars to drink all the cask conditioned local brew they could drink spilled out onto the streets to hump all of the traffic cones to their hearts content.


traffic cones.

now to be fair, the bar did state on their build out blog that they would never be a cheap drinks special kind of place.

this was an expensive drink special kind of place.

but also to their build out blog's point, their staff was supposedly train to spot people who have had too much to drink and shut that shit down.

which they clearly didn't.

which didn't matter to me in the long run because it went out the front door to the hood.

where the people who have been living here for longer than any of us people in the fancy glass buildings have.

the people who don't want drunken rich kids humping traffic cones on their block on a Saturday night.

and may kick their asses.

and that is something the bastard can get on board with.

—the bastard

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