Friday, August 03, 2012

the craft…

it goes without saying that a pretty big chunk of the bastard's audience is family

so every now and again, I get the occasional all caps email from uncle acid

which I haven't gotten in a while

I miss those from time to time, they're enriching.

but my dad usually calls for the bastard to English dictionary when I mention people by pseudonym

sometimes he sends me helpful reading material.




there is an article in the ny times website (all the slant that's fit to print) about the rules to writing which was actually quite humorous.

and it reminded me of a story that sam fuller told me once via the electric fireplace.

Balzac is walking down a street in paris when walking down the opposite way is Alexander Dumas.

they greet each other warmly kissing each other on the cheek like the French do and exchanging pleasantries and then they bid each other adieu.

when he is a safe distance from Dumas, Balzac mutters to himself, "that rat bastard son of a bitch, if only I had money like him".

at the same time, from the same safe distance Dumas mutters to himself, "that rat bastard son of a bitch, if only I could WRITE like him"

that's all I got. whadda ya want a frikkin medal?

—the bastard

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