Monday, September 24, 2012


this is it…

this is the time of year I like.

the temps start to drop and the liquid city starts into fall.

I had feared that this would make the bar more palatable to the drinking class but unless you smoke…

and unless it's a Saturday night…

the wind blows too hard.

the downside is a heartier drinker will take shape down there.

the weather is funny that way.

makes you improvise…

makes you stronger.

the other night after the squall closed the back porch down, the sky settled down to light rain.

across 51st a rooftop party broke out and they were drinking and dancing under a tarp on the roof.

they whooped it up and had the wheels of steel rolling under a plastic sheet and the bastard thought, "what a buncha dicks"

and then he thought better of it and figured this town is a living breathing organism and if they wanna throw down in the piss then god bless them.

and god bless my double ply glass for keeping their palpable revelry from entering my bedroom as I nodded off into the sleep of people disinterested in a 3am throw down.

thank you two ply glass. thanks for saving lives.

I love the fall most of all.

almost as much as I love hitting jerks in the face with hammers.

—the bastard

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