Tuesday, January 08, 2013

…on the north land

when the bastard went to Ireland…

he searched for his name…

while walking amongst the his people.

Ireland is a funny country.

it winds…

it's storied…

and it's full of the craik.

on several occasions…

a local…

any local…

would chat me up about America.

where I was from.

what my name was.

"oh, there's plenty a you here", was always the response.

upon greater research, my name is anglicized from the word for foreigner.

and with that I deduced that the land of my people was invaded by my people.

probably in long boats and with stolen steel.

which brings me to this weak's reading.

northlanders is a series of one off stories about various people from the north.

and it's goddam beautiful.

read it now, not later

—the bastard

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